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Score Tickets

Counting final score in Ticket to Ride may be time-consuming and error-prone. This app will help you to count final score for all players fast and error free. Just enter routes length, tickets score and bonuses for each player and the app will arrange players according to the score (refer to the rules in case of tie-in).


  • Supports scoring for up to 5 players/teams by default (you can turn on support for a 6th player in settings).
  • Easy to score routes, includes sound feedback and validation check allowing you to avoid errors and recounts.
  • Easy to score both completed and uncompleted tickets.
  • Easy to score bonuses.
  • Customizable player names.
  • Supports iPhone/iPod and iPad.

This is a utility app to help you score a game of Ticket to Ride, it is not the game itself.

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Routes Score Screen

Validating routes count

Counting routes is the most error-prone part of scoring in Ticket to Ride. That's why each route length button includes a different sound effect to reduce the chance of error going unnoticed by you or your friends.

You can easily validate your input after you entered all the routes:

  1. Count number of player's cars left on the table (for example 7).
  2. Subtract that number from 45 to calculate the number of cars used (in our example: 45 - 7 = 38).
  3. Compare "number of cars used" shown in the app to calculated one.
  4. If numbers do match, then everything was counted correctly (in our example you should see 38 in the app).
  5. Note: 45 is the maximum number of cars in the standard game (it might vary if you added more cars or play some kind of nonstandard version).

Tickets Score Screen

Adding tickets and bonuses

Score Tickets and bonuses for each player right in the app. No need to do any math or fire up calculator app. You can easily undo input actions in case of a mistake.


Send me a message if you have encountered a bug, want to suggest some feature, or just want to say thanks.

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