Hex Isle Map

The Settlers of Catan is an exciting multiplayer board game played on a randomly generated map. This app will help you generate a new random map for faster game setup. It supports both pure random and even board generation.

Hex Isle Map - Settlers of Catan Map


  • Universal app
  • Zoomable map
  • Supports following extensions:
    • First Settlement 3-4 players (Classic Settlers of Catan)
    • First Settlement 5-6 players
    • Seafarers 3-4 players
    • Seafarers 5-6 players
  • Two board generation modes:
    • Random board generator creates all random board
    • Even (fair) board generator creates a board with evenly spread probabilities allowing for more engaging and strategic games

This is a utility app to help you setup board in a game of Catan, it is not the game itself.

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Hex Isle Map - Board options


Following notation is used in the app:

  • Fogged — double tap tile to reveal its type.
  • Sea
  • Brick (Hills)
  • Lumber (Forest)
  • Wool (Pasture)
  • Grain (Fields)
  • Ore (Mountains)
  • Desert
  • Gold Field
  • Brick 2:1 Port
  • Lumber 2:1 Port
  • Wool2:1 Port
  • Grain 2:1 Port
  • Ore 2:1 Port
  • 3:1 Port
Hex Isle Map - Seafarers Map


Send me a message if you have encountered a bug, want to suggest some feature, or just want to say thanks.

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